Dafni hair Straightening Brush

The Dafni straightening brush was designed for busy women who want to straighten their hair in 5 minutes, modern women who do not have time to go to the hairdresser to pamper their hair. This Dafni straightening brush has been much talked about. In turn, we were intrigued about what she had in her guts. Does it deserve this craze or would it be just another straightener which completes the panoply already existing on the market?

Technical characteristics

Aesthetically speaking, the Dafni hair Straightening straightening brush has a strong resemblance to its consorts. But when you look at it closely and hold it in your hand, you immediately see the difference. It is far from resembling low-end straightening brushes and counterfeits made in China.

Its body and handle are made of high resistance plastic, the ceramic coating is of high quality with the touch of purple which makes all its charm. However, its particularities stand out in its performance since this revolutionary smoothing brush made in Israel is equipped with the most advanced technologies in order to make hair smooth and silky.

First of all, the heating time is very fast, 40 seconds. The 3D ceramic pins will maintain the temperature uniformly and constantly at 185 ° C, the ideal temperature which is not likely to damage the hair fiber. It has soft bristles that will protect your skull from the heat. The Dafni straightening brush is very fast and effective.

Its strong point, it is suitable for all types of hair. In a few minutes, the result is stunning. You will end up with perfectly straight and natural hair. Its lightness and maneuverability remain a considerable asset. You don't tire yourself by hand, the handle is insulating and does not heat up. To facilitate its use, its 2.4 m cord can rotate 360 ​​°. After 15 minutes of inactivity, the device turns off automatically.

Tips for using the Dafni hair brush

The advantage with this famous Dafni hair straightening brush is that it is easy to use, because the system is fully automatic. It is used like when you brush your hair with a conventional hairbrush, except that it emits heat. No need to be a pro, even those with the left hand are doing perfectly and without difficulty.

It is used on dry, brushed and disentangled hair. You have to connect the brush to a sector and you press the "on" button which is located just below the ceramic head. In just forty seconds, the red indicator light turns green. This means that the brush reaches the temperature of 185 ° C and it is ready for use.

Then you just have to brush your hair, that's all. For optimal brushing, do not hesitate to brush strand by strand so that the bristles and the brush delicately penetrate the hair. Again, this brush will smooth your hair safely, without damaging the hair fibers. In 5 minutes, your hair is smooth, supple and shiny.

Our opinion on the Dafni hair brush

Dafni Hair Brush Review - The Dafin straightening brush passed our test with flying colors. She was able to arouse our curiosity and we are not disappointed with the result. Natural and uniform smoothing is obtained in 5 minutes for normal and curly hair, in 2 to 3 minutes for fine hair. For frizzy hair, the best is to insist a little on the passage (3 to 4 passages on the same wick). Obviously, you should not expect to have straight hair as with a straightener or a plate. However, there are a few complaints; the brush is not supplied with a carrying case. In addition, its price remains quite expensive. But, it is worth it.